Alix Pierre

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Painting and Fine Art

As long as I can remember, since I was about nine years old until today, painting and drawing were two major occupying forces in my life. During vacation from high school, playing like most normal kids do was almost non-existent. Because, the love and joy that I experienced in creating highly detailed and peaceful natural sceneries - which are sometime associated with a sense of spiritualism and love - i was unable to let myself overpowered by any types of material challenges and juvenile inclinations. Inspired by the nature in which i was born, my styles are far-ranging, from realistic depictions to dream-like fantasies and modern pieces as well. Using Oil, Acrylic, Tempera Paint, Pencil and Charcoal, my work also include vibrant landscapes, architectural and figure drawings, still-life and everything in between.

Central to my mission and most important factor of my artistic aspirations, is the ardent desire to dedicate myself for the rest of my life, to bringing interestingly evocative and lucrative artworks to the market. This will certainly satiate the thirst of the Community of Nations for new, effective paintings to enjoy and appreciate before the Universal Creator decide to call me for artistic duty.

Let me conclude by saying thanks to anyone who took time out of their busy life to navigate through my website and read this statement. I believe your input will certainly make a difference.