Alix Pierre

I was born in Cap-Haitian and raised in the city of Port-au Prince, Haiti.
I was surrounded by natural beauty in my native land, I was inspired to begin painting at a very young age. At that time, I participated in a National Competition organized by the Department of Education which I won.
This afforded me to further compete with the winning art work in the Children of the World Art Competition in Jerusalem in which I was the winner in 1977
The exact episode happened in 1978 when I entered the 9th Children of the World Art Contest in China and received a winning certificate and a Gold Medal. With these small achievements, I was encouraged to keep on painting when I moved to United States in 1983. I did everything I had to do to maintain a life of integrity, self respect and discipline.
I learned diffrent trades including Computer Repair at Long Island University and (HVAC) heating- ventillating air-conditioning at Nassau Boces. I studied tax-preparation at York-College Cuny and took live-drawing courses and studied small business operation.

Finally, I graduated as a Graphic Designer at Pratt Institute in 2007.
Then I realized none of these efforts brought me peace and joy as much as being in front of a canvas with paint and brushes. This decades old sentiment is due to the fact that painting and drawing were two major occupying forces in my life. It was almost non-existent for me to play like most normal kids during high school vacation. Because of the love and pleasure that I had in creating highly detailed and peaceful natural sceneries - which are sometimes associated with a sense of spiritualism and love depicted in my canvas - overpowered any other types of juvenile inclinations.
In December 2009, Mrs. Jude Schanzer the Great Director of Public Relation at the East Meadow Library cordially opened the door to let me participate in a group show for the first time. There, I received lots of words of encouragement and appreciation for my work from the public. Furthermore, my work was shown in a group show at Molloy College and Barnes gallery by the (LIBAA.) One month later, I also participated in an art contest at the Library and won the first price and the best show. This has allowed me to do a solo show in January 2011. Central to my mission and most important aspect of my artistic aspirations is the ardent desire to dedicate myself for the rest of my life to continue working in order to constantly bring innovative and memorable paintings for the Community of Nations to enjoy and appreciate before the Universal Creator decides to call me for artistic duty. I welcome anyone who is able and willing to play a role in my vision which is to utilize the talent bestowed upon me by the Universal Master for the good of humanity.