Planning Ahead For Our Visit

Here are some tips you should follow while your away, to keep your pet safe, comfortable, and happy!

  • Remember to call ahead and reserve your pet sitter in advance, this will guarantee that  your preferred sitter will be available when you need him/her!
  • Secure any gates or swimming pools around your house before leaving so that no accidents will happen.
  • Leave on a radio while you’re away. Having some noise in the house will help your pet feel less lonely.
  • Leave any food, leashes, or medicines, easily available for the sitter to find.
  • Leave the lights on for your sitter.
  • Give your sitter any additional instructions that he/she might need.
  • Leave your contact information with the sitter, your neighbors, and the vet. That way you will always be in touch if you need to be contacted!
  • And finally.. Go have fun! You’re pet is in good hands with My Comfy Pet tm